The Digifort Face Recognition module is a worldwide partnership between Digifort and the American company Sentinel. This module enables facial recognition with excellent level of accuracy and a high degree of reliability, providing the user with important details regarding the identified person. It has an advanced algorithm that allows to combine individual characteristics of each person, thus providing, fast and accurate identification. Recognizing the face of a given individual sometimes becomes crucial to the operation of a given business, and at this point it is important that such recognition be effective because alerts will be generated based on the information present in the database. The system also allows the registration of white lists, where it is possible to classify people with allowable permissions, VIPS guests and employees, among others; As well as creating blacklists, where permission is denied, or the subject it categorized as suspect.


The Face Recognition module can be used for several processes, such as: recognition of wanted or suspected individuals by the Police. Identification, in the retail area, of suspected individuals who commit small crimes or even to allow or prevent the entry of people to a certain area or location, this could be integrated with access control. An important factor is its full integration with the Digifort camera monitoring system, all alarms available in our VMS can be triggered, causing the operator to immediately become aware of the event. When a suspicious face is detected, it can trigger audible warnings in the operating room, bring the person's image, send an e-mail, block turnstiles, among other possibilities.


The system also has several types of surveys and reports, allowing better analysis of the facts. It can also become a great marketing tool, identifying VIP clients, ensuring that the guest receives a differentiated treatment, as well as making it possible to analyze the frequency of this guest in the location.


Some Features:

  • Instant and modular identification of groups or individuals;
  • Local or remote facial database;
  • Easy outdoor identification with the use of PTZ cameras;
  • Importing existing photos or inserting new images thru video capture;
  • Customized activation of external devices from positive identifications (turnstiles, alarms);
  • Customization of restricted zones and/or restricted access areas for each profile;
  • Sending alerts and notifications via e-mail;
  • Interfaces for consulting third party databases;
  • Extraction of consolidated and detailed reports in extensions ".csv", ".pdf" and ".xls”.