LPR/ANPR Solution 
DivioTec combines years of experience in traffic surveillance with IP technology, offering professional IP LPR cameras that capture the best LPR images with high accuracy for different applications.

World Number One: SmartCatch™ SoC
DivioTec is the first to design SmartCatch™ SoC, which incorporates LPR(License Plate Recognition)mode and Overview mode into one camera. With LPR mode, the camera is able to isolate high contrast license plate numbers from the moving vehicles. By switching to Overview mode, users can not only see license plates clearly, but also monitor the whole area with clear images day and night. This powerful processor secures national borders, harbors, and communities, ensuring us a safer and smarter city. 


3MP Motorized Lens made in Japan
SmartCatch™ SoC
• Smart City Infrastructure 
• IoT Application Hardware
• Headlight Suppression
• Smart IR+